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Presentation of

The oldest cultures in the East considered that the disease has its roots in an energy imbalance, since the universe vibrates in a constant, each atom, each organ produces a sound due to its movement and rhythm. They vibrate at a certain frequency and as a whole in harmony with the whole body. When the frequency is distorted (usually because of our stress-laden lifestyle, worries and excessive mental activity) harmony breaks down and energy blockages and illness appear. The principles of resonance tell us that it is possible to modify these discordant frequencies, by means of the emission of other frequencies through sound and vibration. In this case through the ancestral instruments and songs used in Sanamúsica. How is the session: The session begins in a posture of meditation, with breathing exercises to calm the mind and decontract the body, we continue with a harmonization of our energy centers (Chakras) and we go to bed to receive a guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra). Once lying and relaxed, with our eyes covered, we begin to receive the vibration of the sound of instruments such as Didjeridoo, Sattva Drum, Shamanic Drum, Koshi Bell, Kalimba, Native Flutes, Tubular Bells, Tibetan Bowls, Yacapa, among others. During the session we will offer Aromatherapy with essential oils and Reiki.

Presentation concert of "Bhakti":


We invite you to experience an unforgettable sunset at Ingeniero Maschwitz.

Sunday 12/19 at 5:00 p.m. , we will be presenting Bhakti, our first mantra album.


We will also celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice together: with a fire, prayers, offerings and in community.

The event will be outdoors, in a beautiful and spacious garden. There will be a bar with vegan food (with sweet and savory options) and drinks.

How to get:

Ingeniero Maschwitz is a town in the Escobar district, 46 km from CABA.

You can get there by car via route 9 (estimate between 40 and 60 minutes). You can also get there by bus 60, or by train to the Maschwitz station.

If you come from CABA and want to share a car (either the car is yours, or you are looking for someone to bring you), write to us to get in touch with other participants of the event and maximize the space of the cars!



Value of the meeting from 11/12 buying the ticket online:  $1500

At the door: $2000

Value of the meeting for early entry until 10/12: $1000.

Pay them by Mercado Pago as money transfer to

or depositing to:

Head: Sabina Greenberg Farías

CUIT/CUIL : 27-31009403-5

Santander Bank

Accounts: 426-002407/3

CBU: 0720426988000000240736

Once you have made the payment, send us the receipt to and we will reply with the address.

About the meeting:

In this meeting we are going to sing, express ourselves and let the mantras pass through us, experiencing their power as instruments of meditation and devotion.


By chanting different names of the sacred, we will connect with a vibration of love. This is the powerful practice of Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion. By singing along with other voices, we will experience the vibration of pronouncing the Sanskrit syllables and a great opening and liberation of our own voice.

Kirtan is singing from the heart, receiving the sound however it comes from within our souls. Allow ourselves to feel all the emotions related to opening our voices. Connect with devotion and love, invoke names of the sacred, meditate on sound, vibrate high.

This concert is a safe space that opens up for you to express yourself, sing, listen, dance and connect. All our voices are unique and together we create harmony. All voices are necessary, all are welcome. If you want to sing, meditate and expand, this practice is for you.

Hari Om!

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