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Women's Circle


"A circle of women is a multifaceted mirror in which each woman sees herself reflected... the circle is a sacred ritual, it is a meeting of women involved in an artistic manifestation capable of changing ourselves and the world..." - J. Shinoda Bolén, "The millionth circle".


This is an invitation for women to come together to share our stories, to de-domesticate ourselves, to see ourselves in a new way and to build a new paradigm together.

This is an invitation to remember our relationship with the moon and nature, our creative and artistic power, and to honor our menstrual blood. This invitation is extended to all women: of all ages, of all faiths, from anywhere in the world, those who are bleeding, those who are not, those who have or do not have a uterus, everyone.

This is an invitation to recognize the world of the sacred feminine, the archetypes, the goddesses, the sorority,  rituals and ancestral wisdom.

The meetings  they will have moments to share the word and listen, moments to write, moments to read stories and tell stories, moments for artistic expression (music, singing, drawing), moments for movement and they are open to any expression that arises or is want to share. We co-create a listening space where there is no judgment, only accompaniment.

"There is a peaceful revolution underway, a spiritual movement of Women that is difficult to perceive with the naked eye. Through the circles of women, of women with healing capacity, could the culture be turned around?"  – Jean Shinoda Bolen.

Mode of the meetings:

The meetings will be every 15 days, on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m., via Zoom.

Next meetings:

Wednesday 9/16

Wednesday 9/30

Wednesday 10/14

Wednesday 10/28

The exchange will be by voluntary donation: you can contribute what you can, what you consider is worth my time and the dissemination of this work.

My account details are:

Head: Sabina Greenberg Farías

CUIT/CUIL :  27-31009403-5

Santander Bank

Accounts: 426-002407/3

CBU: 0720426988000000240736

Residents abroad


You can donate through this Paypal link:

A little about my path:



In 2014, following an instinct that invited me to spend more time among women, I embarked on an experience that changed my life: living for a month with 19  women from all over the world and of all ages. In this month, we study together the 10 tantric goddesses of wisdom: the Mahavidyas. Every day we work on the energy of these goddesses, discovering different aspects of ourselves. What a revolution it was to recognize so many archetypes within myself!  

In this course I learned about the sacred feminine, the connection with the moon, the rituals of the uterus, how to adapt my Yoga practice and my life, according to the moment of my cycle, how to honor my menstrual cycle. Many of these pieces of knowledge caused me great relief, sowing love where there were doubts, sowing unity where there was separation. It was very liberating to recognize myself as part of something wonderful like being a woman.

The stories of women and their ways of life inspired and awakened me: there was no separation between them and me, the concept of sisterhood was installed in my heart. I felt held in a circle of energy, where we did everything that Shakti loves to do: dance, sing, create, receive and give lots of love.  

This was just the beginning of a deep journey of self-knowledge, of breaking down structures, of sitting down with women and remembering how wonderful it is to inhabit myself from my essence, and the importance of creating spaces where women can  remember, heal and celebrate with me.

I wait for you with much love,

I knew.

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