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online classes 




Music classes, sound therapies and musical productions  



Right now I want to offer you to learn the following instruments:


Indian harmonium, guitar, native flutes, Tibetan bowls, shamanic drum, kalimbas, rattles, among other meditative instruments.


In the classes we are going to see not only the technique of these instruments but also a little music theory and harmony, so that you can understand more deeply.  the world of music and vibrations.


Classes are online via ZOOM. It is important that you can have your instrument. If you don't have your harmonium yet, for example, you can use a keyboard or piano to start seeing the chord positions, since they are the same.


My idea in these classes, depending on your previous knowledge, is to set some objective that we can meet between 4 or 8 classes where I can teach you the basics about these instruments, so that  then we can go deeper.


Medicine music and Mantras


Over the years I have been collecting and learning many songs in ceremonies in various countries, in my classes I also offer to put together a repertoire or work on these songs so that you can sing them and accompany yourself with an instrument.


Musical productions


Apart from being a multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, I produce my own music and have been working on other artists' productions for several years.

If you are looking to record and produce your songs, meditations or podcasts, I suggest you work together. In this case the value depends on the project. Do not hesitate to ask me!


Duration of the classes


60 minutes.


Costs and forms of payment


Individual classes:


  • The value of classes for Argentines residing in Argentina is 1,200 pesos. It is paid by bank deposit. (This is a special discount considering  the current situation of the country)


  • Value of the classes in the other countries: 25  euros. Deposit by TransferWise.


  • Group classes: Many times I give the possibility of teaching for 2 or more people in the same class. If you want to organize a group with family or friends, the price varies depending on the number of people in the group. Consult.


Paying in advance for 4 or more classes 20% discount on the total.


About my way in music and sound


I started studying music when I was 9 years old, 27 years ago, and I never stopped learning.

My training is academic, I studied piano, guitar and orchestral percussion at the classical music conservatory in Buenos Aires. There I also studied harmony, singing, history of music and many other subjects.

I also studied composition and orchestration with many great masters of popular music and Jazz. I worked for more than 10 years teaching in schools and many private students.

I composed original music for movies, plays, meditations and dance.

When I started traveling the world my passion was to learn to play ethnic music dabbling with many new instruments.

It was with native music that I learned the healing power of sound and its vibrations, inspired by the teachings of various shamans.  from the Amazon jungle and yogis from India. of that search  and learning SANAMÚSICA "Shamanic Sound Ceremony" was born where for more than an hour I play different instruments inducing the participants in a deep and meditative journey with the sound of more than 15 ethnic instruments from different parts of the world.

In 2015, together with Sabina Greenberg, we founded the Yoga & Sound project, in which we held various workshops that explore the relationship between Sacred Sound and Yoga, and 12 retreats taking groups on trips in nature, giving them tools to Connect with your spiritual world. 

The last years were of many trips through India, South America and Europe offering workshops, concerts, retreats and formations of Sacred Sound.

I am currently recording and producing several of my own musical projects and a Mantras album.

I never stop learning, the road goes on...

visit my website  and learn more about my proposals.


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