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"Dancing is rising between two worlds, melting the heart and surrendering the soul."

This formless dance form has been practiced since the human being travels the Earth, surrendering to the rhythm and free exploration, entering a state of meditation that leads to trance and ecstasy.


In the traditions of shamanism, movements and drumming induce altered states of consciousness and enjoyment. In some traditions dance is also used as a means to enter deep states of meditation and ecstasy, such as the spinning dervishes of Sufism. In this dance there are no steps to follow, you just have to let our body express itself freely with its movements, being guided by music, giving rise to creativity doing its magic.


This encounter is a space for free expression, where you can simply be yourself. This meeting favors a great emotional shock, releasing stagnant energies and becomes a moving meditation, connecting with ourselves, our emotions and with others.

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