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Workshops & Offerings

Gea & Sabina



Gea & Sabina have been facilitating experiences of self-knowledge and expansion of consciousness through art, ancestral wisdom and spirituality for more than a decade.

They trained by traveling for years to India, the Amazon and the Andes, studying with great masters. Their offerings are influenced by the philosophies of Yoga and shamanic wisdom.

They share practices of Yoga, Sound Healing and Sacred Chanting. They specialize in hosting retreats in nature and transformative experiences, through ceremonies and rituals, which they share while traveling the world.

They are creators of the School of Yoga & Sound, where they share Trainings in Mantras and Sacred Chants and Sound Healing Trainings.

In 2020 they released their first album of mantras "Bhakti", available in Spotify. Their second album "Ayni", a medicine music journey, with chants for the Earth, was released in december 2023.


Transform your energy and vibration with this experience of deep healing and harmonization. An intense practice of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, opening and strengthening the physical body, while the sound of different ethnic instruments, bring us to a deep state of relaxation and presence. Gongs, flutes, bowls, kalimbas, koshi bells and other instruments will vibrate. Participants will be guided through self-inquiry while performing asanas (yogic physical postures), pranayama (expansion of vital energy through breathing exercises) and meditation (introspection of the senses and concentration). In this space we will learn to be witnesses of our body, emotions and mental activity. The Sound will create a beautiful atmosphere that will accompany us to connect with the deepest part of our essence.

Duration: 60 / 90 minutes.

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Explore sacred chanting as an instrument to connect with the voice of the heart, reaching deep states of devotion and union. This experience holds a safe space for participants to express, sing, listen and connect, while we sing mantras and medicine music.

Chanting different names of the sacred is the powerful practice of Bhakti, the Yoga of devotion. A profound inner experience occurs while pronouncing the vibrating Sanskrit syllables and a great opening and release of our own voice. Kirtan is singing from the heart, receiving the sound however it comes from within our souls.

Singing medicine songs from all over the world and ancestral cultures, reminds us to connect with Earth and nature, lifting our spirit and bringing a strong sense of gratitude.

This experience is about allowing ourselves to feel all the emotions related to opening our voices. To connect with devotion and love, to invoke names of the sacred, to meditate on sound, to vibrate high.

All our voices are unique and together we create harmony. All voices are needed, all are welcome. If you want to sing, meditate and expand your consciousness, this practice is for you.

Duration: 60 / 120 minutes.



- The session begins with a brief explanation of resonance and vibration.
- Participants sit in a meditation posture and are guided through breathing exercises to begin to relax the mind.
- They are then guided into total relaxation (Yoga Nidra), lying down with eye masks.
- They receive the vibration of the sound of instruments such as Didjeridoo, Sattva Drum, Shamanic Drum, Koshi Bell, Kalimba, Native Flutes, Tubular Bells, Tibetan Bowls, Yacapa, Gong, voice, among others, while we walk around the room. We usually play more than 20 instruments from all over the world.
- The sounds at the beginning of the session are more dense, and related to the earth. As the session continues, the sounds become more subtle, journeying through the chakras and sublimating the energy.
- During the session we use aromatherapy.
- We end the session by exploring our own vibration, the sound of our own voice, chanting a mantra together.

Duration: 60/90 minutes.


Gea DJ Set (Organic Electronic - World Music)

This form of "formless" dance has been practiced since man has walked the Earth, surrendering to rhythm and free exploration, entering a state of meditation that leads to trance and ecstasy.
In the traditions of shamanism, the movements and drumming induce altered states of consciousness and enjoyment. In some traditions the dance is also used as a means to enter deep states of meditation and ecstasy, such as the whirling dervishes of Sufism.

In this dance there are no steps to follow, we just have to let our body express itself freely with its movements, being guided by the music, allowing creativity to work its magic. This experience is a space for free expression, where you can simply be yourself.
Ecstatic Dance favors a great emotional discharge, releasing stagnant energies and becomes a meditation in movement, connecting us with our deepest Self, our emotions and with others. 

Duration: 60/90 minutes.


A women's gathering celebrating feminine energy.

Circle to share ancestral feminine knowledge, honoring the 4 elements (water, earth, fire, air), remembering the relationship of women with the moon and her menstrual cycle. We dance and chant to honor the goddess. 

Duration: optional 2 or 4 hour workshop, or 1 or 2 day retreat. Depending on the duration the program includes classes of Yoga, Tantra, Greek Archetypes and Tantric goddesses of wisdom, teaching how to use a Moondala, etc.



We invite you to choose from all the activities we offer and design a perfect day for you to connect with your inner self, in a caring environment and in contact with nature. We craft each experience with deep love. Yoga, meditation, Sound Healing, Ecstatic Dance, Earth Ceremonies, Music Medicine and much more are available...

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