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Sacred Sound

Sacred sound is the conscious use of sound to raise our physical, mental and spiritual vibration. It is an ancestral tool that has been used in different cultures throughout the entire Planet Earth. The principle of resonance is the theoretical basis of this technique: it tells us that a vibrating object of greater intensity can modify the vibration of another object of lower vibration. In this case, we manage to do it by means of ancestral musical instruments and the conscious use of the voice, to raise our vibration synchronizing with the high frequency of sound.


In times where we live at high speed, without deep rest and far from nature, we are prone to feel drained, exhausted and sick on all planes. Sound helps us eliminate states of stress and anxiety and connects us with our essence. We seek to promote and teach the use of different vibrational techniques with the use of sound, from either the ancestral shamanic approach or traditional Vedic mantras, bija mantras and bhajans of India. To participate in a sacred sound encounter is to open a door to the deepest part of our Being. There we can meet again with the purity of our soul and through altered states of consciousness induced by the power of music, get to access our highest potential.


About Juan Pablo Barone Gea:


Gea is a multi-instrumentalist musician, music producer, music teacher and vibrational therapist with sacred sound and master plants. He studied classical, popular and ethnic music for more than 20 years, investigating different areas of music related to the arts. He works giving these workshops and trainings in South America, Europe, Bali and India.


The spiritual path was shown to him by various Amazonian shamanic teachers, transpersonal psychology, vipassana meditation and self-inquiry. Juan is passionate about sharing self-knowledge tools through the arts and deep meditative practices:


“Spirituality lives in all things and every experience, every day of our lives, is an opportunity to return to our essence. Music, sound and the arts are the doors that lead us to it."



The value of the course is 11,000 pesos paying before 4/26 and 13,000 pesos after that date. The quota will be very small: only 10 people to be able to spend a good time with each one giving details and answering personal concerns about the technique. . The course includes all the necessary instruments for learning.  

  - Lunch and snack included in the rate.


At the end we will give a certificate of participation in the intensive Sound Healing workshop.


Where and when is the next workshop held?

Saturday April 30 from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.


The training is given at our headquarters in Ingeniero Maschwitz, Province of Buenos Aires, just 40 minutes from the Federal Capital. We have a large park and a large room, so that everyone has their space and distance. We will give the address once the deposit is made confirming your attendance.

Account number to make the deposit:

356-314741/2 Juan Pablo Barone savings bank. French Bank

CBU No. 0170356440000031474126

bill 20-29632590-3

Payment Market: Alias (

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