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tool workshop for  the anxiety




Human beings are living times of great change and uncertainty.

As a result of the enormous change that has taken place in our lives, a large part of the population is living in a state of  anxiety: a feeling of imminent danger, causing discomfort and restlessness.

Stress and anxiety are not  something that we should be ashamed of, or cover up, reject or deny. On the contrary, we should listen carefully  what they have to tell us about ourselves.  

There are ancient tools for the control of the mind, energy, breathing and movement that will help us understand  what we can do to face anxiety, and in what ways to live more calmly, in connection with the cycles of nature, with an open heart and receptive to the teachings of life.


The workshop will have a theoretical part  and another practical part.

Topics we are going to delve into:

- What is anxiety? 

- Tools for managing the  anxiety.

- Means to balance energy.

- Relaxation of the nervous system.

- Emotional cleansing. Writing as a path of internal listening. 

- Concepts of vibration, resonance and affirmation.

- Cyclicity in nature and cosmic factors.

- Gunas and chakras.

- Food: what enters our system, through the mouth and through all the senses.

-  How to accompany someone who is going through a state of anxiety?

- Importance of routine and sadhana (spiritual practice).










Practice block:

The practices will have 2 approaches:

- To calm (for times when I need to calm the nervous system, quiet the mind and calm down)


-To energize (for times when I feel apathy, lethargy, heaviness, that I don't feel like doing anything, or strength).


- Movement. exit through the body.  Physical exercises and Yoga postures.

- Conscious breathing. Pranayamas.

-  Yoga Nidra and Sankalpa.

- Mantras. Vibration. Sound Healing. 

- Meditation.

-  Deep relaxation.












It is not necessary to have experience in any of these practices.

What will you need for the course?

- A notebook and a pen.

- A Yoga mat, mat or carpet.

- Cushion, pillows and/or bolster.

- 1 candle and a place to support it that is at eye level.

- Optional: incense, palo santo, incense, etc.

Dates and Hours

The workshop lasts 3 hours.

next  date:

Saturday 10/24  from 10.00 to  1:00 p.m. Argentine Time (GMT-3).

If you cannot attend, we can send you the recording of the meeting by e-mail.


Course value

Residents in Argentina

The course has a value of ARS 1500 and can be paid through bank transfer or Mercado Pago.

Pay them with this Mercado Pago link:

Residents abroad

The course has a value of EUR 25 and can be paid through Transfer Wise.


Write to attaching your proof of payment or for any additional questions you want to ask us.

About the facilitators:

Learn more by clicking here

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