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Welcome to the wonderful universe of Sacred Sound.

If you feel called to explore the world of vibrations, we invite you to join this journey into the deep mysteries of the Self.

Everything in creation is sound and vibration. Our own voice is the most sacred musical instrument, and with our own sound we can tune our bodies to a high vibration frequency. This discovery reveals a beautiful path of self-knowledge, full of love and devotion.



  • You will learn the classic Vedic mantras: meaning, philosophy and study of Vedas and Upanishads. You will learn Mantra Yoga, and the chanting of sacred syllables that create a psychic and energetic effect on your consciousness. You will experience Bhakti Yoga: explore devotion through singing and kirtan. You will learn about mythology, epics, archetypes and legends of Hinduism and Buddhism. You will learn basic Sanskrit phonetics. You will delve into Nāda Yoga, the universe of vibration and sacred sound practices.


  • You will experience freedom to express, dismantling traumas related to speaking, saying what you think, singing, opening your own voice.


  • You will learn how to take care of your voice and learn how to use it correctly, through different exercises and practices. You will explore your creativity and vocal freedom.


  • You will learn basic notions of music and interpretation.


  • You will experience chanting as medicine, exploring ancestral songs that come from ancient cultures of the world.


  • You will start creating your own medicine songs.


  • You will explore Anahata Chakra and Vishuddi Chakra, the most relevant energies of this training (love and communication), through self inquiry and sadhana.

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We will send you 12 pre-recorded classes of 3 hours each, available on Zoom.


3 months.

12 classes.


You will receive a study book with all the information of the training.



You will be able to consult us by mail all your doubts. At the end of each module you will be given homework assignments that make up a final work, where we will correct your pronunciation and we will make you

your pronunciation and we will make you do creative exercises.



A certificate of study from the School of Yoga & Sound will be delivered to all those who complete the course and corresponding assignments.


350 EUR.


TRANSFER WISE : International Bank Transfer. Commissions will be handled by the student. Please send us an email to request our bank information. 

PAYPAL 350 EUR + 5% comission to mail:


E-mail us at:


To apply, kindly let us know why you want to be part of this training, what is your relationship with music and singing, if you have experiences with bhakti yoga and medicine music and if you have some kind of spiritual practice.

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Question: Do I need to have singing experience?

Answer: It's not necessary to have studied singing. You just need to have the desire to sing.



Question: Do I have to know music and play an instrument?

Answer: It is not necessary to have notions of music or to already know how to play an instrument. You just need to be willing to learn.

Question: Do I have to have any particular instrument?

Answer: It's not necessary to have any particular instrument, but the training will be richer if we have a percussive instrument (drum, rattle or djembe, etc.) and a harmonic instrument (guitar, ukulele, keyboard, piano or harmonium).



Matteo Micci attended the course in Italy, July 2022​:

"I didn’t know Sabi and Gea before entering the course. But something caught my attention when I met their Mantra and Sacred Chanting retreat’s ad online. I was looking for a way into bhakti yoga, sacred music and chanting (I was a total music illiterate before meeting them).

The course really changed everything for me: in just one week, I was able to play 2 instruments, the ukulele and the harmonium, and I learned so many mantras and medicine songs from different native cultures. It has been one week of transformation, and even now, after one month, the fire that was ignited in those days still burns bright: my sadhana is rich and passionate, I make a point of dedicating time to playing instruments and singing everyday because it lifts my spirits so high. The meaning of things - of life itself - has never been clearer than now for me. Sabi and Gea opened up this door, with so much love and dedication, and accompanied the whole group through it. So much unity came from it, it has been magical and it’s a gift that will stay with all of us forever. I have nothing but endless gratitude for them."



Mónica Babugia participated from the 1st online training in 2020:

"Thank you Sabi and Juan. I'm not a singer,  I don't play any instrument, however my heart was filled with love and my light expanded, making all the magic of the mantras sprout in my voice.
Two great teachers took me by the hand, and my being took another leap in its evolution, thank you always, thank you! Namaste, Hari Om. All my love for you".


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Rebecca van Eck attended the course in Italy, july 2022:

"I signed up for this training to work on my throat chakra, learn to speak up. My greatest fear was to sing alone so that somebody could here me.
Sabi and Gea create a safe enviroment for learning. They made me feel safe and I was able not only to connect with, but also stay with my fears and work through them.
The material on this training is divine and powerful, and it takes a lot of knowledge to pass on these important teachings. It truly felt that they both have embodied this deep wisdom within their hearts to be able to pass it on the way they do. I loved the vedic chanting and philosophy with Sabi, and Gea is the most patient music teacher ever. I'm so greatful for them both for pushing me out of the comfort zone and truly make me sing from my heart.
I'm already looking forward to repeating the course. I had never thought that I would play the harmonium and sing in public. I have established a regular chanting practice, and I can already feel the changes an impacts it has in my life. I'm standing more up for my self, and slowly making steady progress to share my truth.
Hari om tat sat,


Yanina Sturatis participated from the 1st online training in 2020:

"It's not possible to express in a few words an opinion of the training. It's so wonderful! Each class and mantra has been very strong, to the point of feeling how deep knots inside me were being unfastened by chanting.
A special workshop, full of love, to learn to connect with oneself and with a higher consciousness. I consider that it was an essential element in my path of self knowledge, not only in the possibility of expressing myself through the voice, of creating openness, but also of being able to vibrate in the energy that emanates from each mantra, that transforms the body and our environment.
I have nothing but words of gratitude for the respect, harmony and love with which this workshop is taught. Highly recommended for those who need to express themselves, connect and let go of fears. Infinite thanks."

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We are Gea and Sabina from Argentina. We love traveling the world exploring ancient cultures. We are passionate about sharing the paths that transformed our lives: the wisdom that we learned traveling through the Himalayas, the Andes and the Amazon. Self inquiry, intense sadhana and continous study have evolved in this beautiful project we share together. Music, arts and spirituality merge in all of our offerings. In 2015 we created the Yoga and Sound Project, leading retreats to celebrate life in nature and in community, to sing and dance, to connect with the spirit of the Earth and with our true essence.

Our mission in theYoga and Sound Project is to share transformational tools to realize our true nature of harmony, presence and blyss. We offer a unique combination of experiences using the practice of asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, kirtan, the sound of ethnic instruments and medicine songs and vibrational therapy to expand consciousness, connect to Mother Earth and to the Great Spirit.

We created the Yoga and Sound School, with an offering of Sound Healing Training & Mantras and Sacred Chants Training.

You can listen to out first mantra album "Bhakti" on Spotify by "Gea & Sabina", find us on YouTube and follow our adventures on our Instagram @yogaysonido.


My relationship with music began at a very young age. At 8 years old I took my first steps with the guitar. It was a huge passion, so at the age of 14 I began to study at the conservatory of classical music. During 8 years of deep study of the theory and practice of music, I specialized myself in guitar, piano, and orchestral percussion. At the same time I was already composing and recording my own music.

My bond with the voice began when I was a child, singing popular music and also at the classic music conservatory where I learned the use of the voice and worked with choirs.

My approach radically changed after several master plant rituals, where the use of the voice became a tool for expanding consciousness and healing. That's how I discovered another way of relating to music and sound. After several trips to India, devotional chanting also left a strong imprint on me, experiencing the healing power of circle chanting to the sacred.

I have been researching the relationship between sound, art and healing for several years. I have been deeply touched by the guidance of Amazonian and Andean shamanic teachers, transpersonal psychology, Vipassana meditation and self-inquiry. This has led me to share self-knowledge tools through art and deep meditative practices for the past 10 years.

Spirituality lives in all things, every experience, every day of our lives is an opportunity to reach our essence. Music, sound and the arts are doors that lead us there.

My mission is to share this magic in workshops, retreats and concerts.


My relationship with music and singing began at the age of 15, when I discovered my older brother's CDs and asked for a guitar as a gift. Although what I wanted most in the world was to be a professional musician, I let myself be carried away by other academic paths, and I always felt that because I had not graduated from a conservatory, I was not adequate enough. I did train as a singer in Marcela Aibé's School at the age of 22 and then I had several bands where I sang, but always with a certain discomfort of showing myself in public.

In 2014, on my first trip to India, I sat in a kirtan in an ashram for the first time.We wew sitting in a circle on the floor, with no real separation between the musicians and the rest. An Indian woman played and sang. I noticed that she closed her eyes at the beginning and for two hours she did not open them at all. Each time her face expressed more love and dedication. Her voice really came from the heart. It was not a show, but she seemed to be in a state of deep inner ecstasy. Where was her mind gone? Had she forgotten she was there with us? What was she thinking? Where was her heart? That experience of dedication and meditation really caught my attention. Wherever her joyful soul was, I wanted to go too. Could someone give me the key to that door?

Still not knowing what I was reciting, I closed my eyes and began to sing and understand from experience that the vibration of the words is what lifts us into a meditative state. I had been infected and was floating in a cloud, several meters above the ground and neither she nor anyone else in the room wanted to go down.

As I deepened my path in Yoga, the practice of Bhakti Yoga (the Yoga of devotion) gifted me with many insights. I always knew that music had a main role in my life. But it was not until I sang mantras and medicine music from the heart that I did not understand the depth of this path and the infinite love that can pour from our voices. Since I connected with my voice in this way, many new doors have opened synchronously, such as being able to accompany various master plant ceremonies with my voice. I discovered that many different voices inhabited me and that encouraging myself to play with them made me feel free and happy. I delved into the path of devotional singing with Harmonium with Neeti from Devi Music Ashram, in India, and with Yasia Leiserach in a Bhakti Yoga training, in England, where we explored various techniques to free the voice. I also explored drum singing with Yael Haboulafia.


Chanting is a blessed tool, a key to the heavens. I sing the different names of the sacred, whatever name you want to give to the highest thing you can perceive: nature, God. I enter altered states of consciousness singing, opening my expression, opening my heart. I enter a space of immeasurable bliss and high vibration. I have been singing from the depths of my soul since 2015 in kirtans, ceremonies and rituals. I know that with the voice and the instruments, I can channel different voices, that lift me up and take me on a journey, that moves the fibers of those who listen to it. That is my role, to let the voices pass through. And when I free myself, I inspire you to free yourself a little more. And when you free yourself, you inspire me to be a little more free.

We would love to walk this path together,

Sending you love and blessings,

Gea & Sabina.


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