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Online Intensive Workshop:

remind yourself

All spiritual awakening is a process of breaking with my old "I", of transformation and change. Many times this process finds us alone, our family and friends are in another moment of their lives and we feel like black sheep in our environment.
Through sharing experiences, challenges and searches, this workshop is to help you create an action map to guide you towards your maximum spiritual development.  

What is my dharma? What is my mission in life? What is my purpose? What is my unique gift? What is my unique talent?

What is it that would give me fulfillment? How can I put this at the service of others?

If you are asking yourself these questions, you have already started a deep process of knowing who you are. Sometimes we suffer because we don't have the answers, or because everything we knew about us is falling apart and we feel alone. But this moment of your life is to celebrate: the long-awaited transformation has already begun.

We are going to guide you through that process of self-inquiry, where we are going to ask ourselves about everything. Questioning everything in this life is very important. This is what our “Remember yourself” workshop is about: many questions and answers that you are going to write and answer, along a path of deep reflection. 

We are very excited to guide you through this path of self-inquiry.

Don't you have someone to share your awakening with? Do you want a guide on  How to deal with it? Do you feel that you lack a connection space? Do you feel out of place with your relationships?  are you looking for your tribe? In this circle we are going to talk about everything that is happening to you, and share creativity, texts, art and other triggers that guide us to continue discovering our gifts, purpose and finding ourselves.

                  "We are all walking home together" - Ram Dass

This is  a space of containment and integration for those who are in a moment of transition and change towards a life with greater spiritual awareness.

Next date:  

Monday 11/30   6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  hs. Argentine Time (GMT - 3  ).


Online workshop via Zoom.

What will you need for the course?

  - Notebook,  pen, colored pencils.

  - A candle, incense.

  - Prepare your own sacred space.


Residents in Argentina

The course has a value of ARS 1500.

Pay them with:


- Payment Market with money transfer to

- or Bank Transfer:


Head: Sabina Greenberg Farías

CUIT/CUIL :  27-31009403-5

Santander Bank

Accounts: 426-002407/3

CBU: 0720426988000000240736

Residents abroad

The course has a value of USD 20  and you can pay through this Paypal link:

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