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In this retreat we are going to delve into chanting as medicine, letting devotion and gratitude guide us. Through the philosophy of yoga, the ancestral knowledge, the contemplation of nature, the sharing of the circle and self-inquiry, we are going to let that deep love that is our true nature grow in us.

A beautiful weekend of Yoga, Shamanic Sound and ceremonies awaits us in a natural environment on the outskirts of the city.

This retreat is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, contemplation and tranquility, experiencing 2 nights and 3 days to live and share in community.


Yoga practices and Sound therapies will support the process of self-knowledge and deep inner listening. The healing powers of music will help you open your voice and find your freedom of expression. In this retreat we will use the vibrational energy of Sound and the practice and philosophy of Yoga in its different steps (asana, pranayama, mantra, concentration, meditation and relaxation) to heal and nourish the body, mind and soul.


You will experience the beauty of the simplest things in life: moving, breathing, sharing, singing, dancing, relaxing, being present and in a state of peace, which is our true nature. This experience of self-knowledge will give you tools to use in your daily life. You do not need to have experience in any of these disciplines. Our transformation retreat will take place in the magical setting of a beautiful house with a large park with trees, fresh air and the song of birds. The retreat food is vegan, 100% homemade and delicious. Our idea is that you also learn about new ways of feeding yourself.


Come to connect with yourself and nature, making your intentions and manifesting your gifts! If you are ready for a powerful transformation, this retreat is for you.


- Practices of Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Nidra.


- Pranayama: traditional breathing techniques that calm the mind and raise energy.


- Guided meditations.


- Sanamúsica Session: Shamanic Sound Ceremony. Sacred Sound Experience through the vibrations of ethnic instruments.


- Kirtan, vocal laboratory and chanting of mantras. Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion.

- Cocoa Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance.


- Circles to share.


- Medicine music and fire ceremony.

- Art and healing.


- Silence: moments to work on the absence of words and introspection.


- Homemade and delicious vegan food, by our chef @comidavegetal.


- Free time to explore nature, enjoy the pool, sleep, write, contemplate.


(No previous experience in any of these practices is necessary)


- Yoga mat  

- Comfortable clothes

- Swimwear


- Grooming items. Sunscreen and repellent


- Cushion


- Notebook and pen


- Blanket to cover yourself in relaxations and/or meditations


- Grass blanket


- White clothes for ceremony


We will receive them on Friday 07/01. Arrival time is at 9.30. The first activity of the retreat is at 10:30 am.


The retreat ends on Sunday 09/01 at 17 pm.


Our home is a space at the service of the awakening of the collective consciousness. Every detail is full of love and dedication, designed to be a space for enjoyment and community connection.

By choosing this house to make a retreat, instead of a hotel, we value simplicity and community life, where we all co-create the energy that sustains the sacred space.


In a farm with 4000 meters of green space, we have the blessing of being able to contemplate a great diversity of plants, parks and trees. All the elements coexist harmoniously and among them, fire brings us all together to sing around it.


Ingeniero Maschwitz is a town in the Escobar party, in the Province of Buenos Aires. It is located 47 km from the city of Buenos Aires. Approximately 30-40 minute drive.


This is a natural refuge, with a natural environment native to the Delta and characteristic of wetlands. The song of the birds, the sunsets of incredible colors among the trees and the breeze of fresh air, bring peace and harmony to all who come.

Maschwitz is developing as a sustainable and alternative town. Artists, a wide variety of spiritual proposals, as well as agroecology and the desire to lead a life close to the simple and natural coexist here.


By car: by Panamericana, take route 9, get off at Route 26.

Public transport: Ingeniero Maschwitz train station, or bus line 60.

If you come by car and want to share a place with other participants, we can coordinate and maximize space and travel.