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                           "Remember your true nature"


Through a schedule of energetical practices, our retreats lead you to a state of pure presence and peace, which is our true nature. A retreat is an experience of self-awareness and expansion of consciousness, which will give you tools to reconnect with your interior and inspire you. Our transformative retreats happen in the magical environment of nature. sometimes in a forest house, near the sea and surrounded by the purest air, other times in the mountains and near the lakes, other times in the countryside, always in contact with the most basic and pure, the elements of nature .


In our retreats we are going to ask who are we, what are we doing here? We live in community, we sing, we dance, we make a bonfire, we look at the stars, we write, we draw, we sit in a circle to share, we tell stories, we know each other, we eat healthy food and we learn new ways to feed ourselves, we contemplate the beauty of nature.


You don't need experience in any of this, you can feel free and just be here. Everything is welcome. The basis of our retreats are the teachings of the ways of Yoga, Shamanism and that of music. We choose them for strong medicinal power, paths we travel ourselves. We use the vibrational energy of the Sacred Sound and the philosophy of Yoga in its different steps (asana, pranayama, mantra, concentration, meditation and relaxation) to heal and nourish body, mind and soul.

Remember who you are, worship nature, make your intentions and manifest your gifts!

Do you want to make a pause to rethink your purpose in life? These retreats are for you!

It's never too late to bring to the world your best version! Dare to dream big!

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