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"They opened a new path that I did not know completely, but that had always been in front of my eyes. Understand that we are not a" container "body, that we are consciousness that is never born or dies, that sound escapes all belief, that crosses us from all sides, that Yoga is practiced every moment you breathe, it is not just the practice of asana.


I love the energy that Sabi and Juan handle in pairs and separately. They know how to impart knowledge in such a way that you feel comfortable with them, that you feel like experiencing many more things. It makes you want to go to all the retreats and kirtans :) They love what they do, they love to share it, they love ... "


Natalia Sastre - Yoga and Sound Retreat in Mar de las Pampas, January 2017.

Meditación Mudra

"I signed up for the Yoga & Sound retreat looking to get away from the routine and connect with experiences that allow me to be in touch with my essential state. I was able to share experiences, fears, joys and learning with people who are traveling a path of spiritual search.

Sabi and Juan are two wonderful beings, who facilitate a beautiful opening space with much joy and contention. The entire retreat is crossed with its music in the different practices, which incredibly enhances all experiences.

Being able to be surrounded by so much nature, beauty and tranquility accompanies the experience of the retreat, allowing us to connect with the simplest things around us, which are sources of peace and energy. "


Agus Maggiore - Yoga & Sound Retreat in Mar de las Pampas - April 2017 and October 2019.

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