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Yoga means UNION.

The practice of Yoga leads us from a consciousness as individuals separated from everything, towards a union with the universal consciousness, in which we are part of an infinite whole.


The philosophy of Yoga offers us a map that guides us along the path of self-knowledge.

We learn tools to observe and witness our emotions and thoughts. By learning not to identify with them, we gradually stop reacting. We become better versions of ourselves. If your mind is agitated and you feel anxiety, the practice of Yoga is a space where you will explore the power of being in the present moment. In practice we focus on making movements coordinated with breathing and holding various physical postures called asanas.


During practice we can observe our mental tendencies: the quality of our internal dialogue. As witnesses we see if in our practice compassion or frustration prevails. The practice feeds the understanding of doing and giving without waiting for the fruits of action. In the practice of Yoga we cultivate patience and detachment. We also face fears, by putting the body in new postures and learn to work trust and perseverance. Every day we advance a little and go back in another aspect of our asanas practice, but new understandings always come. Then we try to transfer these lessons out of the mat, to daily life.

The practice of physical postures is usually the gateway to the path of Yoga. With a sustained practice over time, we achieve improvements in our posture, a healthy spine, which allows energy to flow through the different energy centers of the body without blockages. We reconnect with our bodies, listen to them, take care of them: they become our temple. Our body detoxifies, becomes flexible and opens. Now, we find joy in moving the body. We begin to observe what is good for us and adopt healthy habits. Yoga seeks to quiet the fluctuations of the mind. The first step to focus the mind on a point is to be able to keep the body still. All Yoga postures that we know as asanas, were designed to make the body more flexible and strong so that it can continue to develop in more advanced Yoga steps. That is, being able to have a good posture to practice breathing control and stay long time in meditation postures.

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