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FROM MAY 4 TO 11, 2020

Description of Bali and the retreat

About the accommodation

MAY 4 - 11, 2020 UBUD


 The island of the Gods

We choose to bring you to Bali, the Island of the Gods, since this land of powerful and magical energy represents a great awakening in our lives and we know that it will represent a great awakening in yours. In Bali magical things happen, in Bali the inspiration comes, from the hand of the rice fields and terraces, the offerings, the flowers and the exuberance of the jungle, the palm trees, the waterfalls, the transparent sea, the heat, the incense, the spirituality in every detail, the smiles, the aromas ... Bali seduces and enchants with its natural and artistic majesty. Talent is present in every statue, every work carved in wood, riding its streets on a motorcycle and letting the wind light your hair, waterfalls and beauty make you pinch yourself to know if this is the reality or a dream you will not want never wake up We have lived in these lands and know their secrets, enchanted places and everything you have to know to take a true Balinese experience. We will accompany these discoveries looking inward and exploring our interior.


Dragonfly Village, an enchanted retreat paradise, is located in the middle of one of the most beautiful walks among the rice fields of downtown Ubud, Bali. Tranquility and impressive vegetation everywhere, panoramic view with the sacred Mount Agung and the northern mountain ranges in the distance, open space full of dragonflies in the day and fireflies at night, symphony of crickets and frogs, for those who enjoy living Nature to heal and learn. Just a few steps from the center of Ubud, but hidden from its hustle and bustle, this retreat center offers the best of both worlds.


Dragonfly Village is not accessible by car the last 700 meters, you will have to walk, go by bicycle or motorcycle on a wonderful path between rice fields. We will carry your luggage at check-in and check-out from the point where you leave the taxi to the hotel.


Our structures are mainly made of recycled wood. We enjoy a spectacular lounge overlooking the rice fields. We stayed in traditional old teak houses, brought from remote villages in Java.

We focus our energy on living simply and consciously within an organic environment. Our organic garden near the rice fields, is growing happy vegetables that we use in all the dishes of our kitchen.

We also have a herbal steam sauna, salt water pool and optional massage services, so you can live a stay of pure relaxation.